Felicity Huffman Interviewed By Her Daughter


Fans of “Desperate Housewives” watched her character raise six plus kids while living on Wisteria Lane, but Felicity Huffman doesn’t just play a mom on TV.

The woman known for her role as Lynette on the beloved ABC series has two daughters (Sophia, 12, and Georgia, 10) with her husband and fellow actor William H. Macy. 

She’s also the founder of What the Flicka? – a website for moms and women to come laugh, share stories, tips, and experiences. 

On Monday, Huffman came into the office to be interviewed by Georgia, an incredibly bright fifth grader who has her mother’s mannerisms as well as her blonde hair.

Since I don’t have a lot of experience working with 10-year-old reporters, I wasn’t sure what to expect… would she be able to take notes while listening? What if the answers were too complicated or spoken too quickly?

Oh, was I in for a surprise.  Let’s just say this particular 10-year-old is welcome to join our editorial team any time. 

Not only did she come prepared with a list of insightful questions on everything from the challenges of balancing career and family to politics and activism – she jotted down her mom’s responses in shorthand that she later read back to me verbatim. SHORTHAND.

Safe to say, Georgia had this one under control.  


ModernMom Interviews Felicity Huffman
By Georgia Macy

Georgia Macy: How do you feel about being a mom?

Felicity Huffman: That’s a really good question but it’s also a challenging one. I’m grateful to be a mom, I love being your and Sophia’s mom, but I’m also scared because it feels like such an important job and I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.

GM: How would you feel if you weren’t a mom?

FH: I can’t imagine my life without you (Georgia) and Sophia; you give me such riches. I feel like I would be so depressed and self-centered – everything would be about me.

Thanks to you guys, that I got Desperate Housewives – you didn’t know that, did you?

When I showed up, I was so upset because I left the two of you with your dad in the bathtub and you were both crying – you were only two and three – and I was this crazed mom, and they said “that’s exactly what we’re looking for!”

(Felicity with Georgia as a toddler)

GM: What’s the hardest part about raising children?

FH: The hard parts about being a parent change as your kids get older. It’s hard when you and Sophia fight, but I think the hardest part is my fear that I’ll make a mistake and damage you forever. I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong, and it will be a critical decision that impacts you guys. Also, I find night time really hard – I think that’s why I can be so grumpy after six o’clock.

[Georgia jokingly describes this transition - "from June Cleaver to Attila the Hun..."]

GM: Do you think you can be a good working mom?

FH: A lot of women  ask this question – can you do both?  I don’t know, I hope so.  I struggle to be a good working mom, because I love my work and I need to work and I need to have that challenge in my life.

GM: Do you wish that you were a mom and not working?

FH: I wouldn’t want to give up my work, because I think I would suffer – I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. I value my work and I value my time with you and Sophia.

GM:  Do you feel that you want to speak up more in the world about politics and other boring grown-up stuff?

FH: One thing I wish I was speaking up about, I wish I was doing more to save the planet and our natural resources. I was talking to one of my friends who is a conservationist, and he told me that what we’re doing right now is going to affect my children’s generation. Being a mom has definitely helped me realize how important this issue is.

GM: Do you think there are certain stages in your life that you would like to go back to or revisit?

FH: Yes, I have favorite years – I loved being 21, I’d like to go back to the year that I married your dad (Bill) because I was so anxious that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have and I can’t believe I was so worried at the time.

GM: What are some of your favorite parts about being a mom?

FH: I love when we all cuddle in bed together on Sunday mornings and drink tea. 

GM: How do you feel about being an actor?

FH: I love acting – I’m honored, I’m thrilled and I’m still surprised.  I’m amazed that I can make a living doing something I love.

GM: When can you let go of being a mom and working, and just relax?

FH: I like to kick back reading in bed with a cup tea, taking a bath or hanging out with my sisters – and by sisters, I mean my literal sisters (she has six) and my figurative sisters, who are my friends.


After the interview, Felicity shared her own perspective on the experience.

“As we walked to the elevator Georgia said, ‘I like interviewing people. I get to see them in a new way.’ Wow, I thought, I am getting to see YOU in a new way! Where is the little girl I drove here with?” 

You can read the rest of Felicity’s post on What the Flicka? (and don’t forget to follow @WhatTheFlicka and @FelicityHuffman on Twitter and Facebook.com/WhatTheFlicka!)



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