Anything is Possible


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When you look at your life are you a dreamer?  Do you believe, truly

believe that anything is possible?  Or are you more sceptical and
think life is too complicated to let your mind and heart soar letting
go of constraints?

I am a big believer that the main thing that stops us from realizing
our dreams is usually ourselves.  We cling so tightly to the notion
that the odds of something working out for us where numerous stars
have to perfectly align is next to impossible.

What if that thinking is the main obstacle stopping you from achieving
what you want out of life?  What happens if you completely flip your
thinking to believing you can have the life you want?  That it is
completely possible, and what you need to do is think big, dream big,
but take small steps towards the sky instead of staying frozen on the

The steps can almost be overwhelming at times but if they are leading
you where you want to go then why not leap and frolic down the path
enjoying the journey?  Allow yourself happiness in all the steps along
the way not just in achieving the big picture.  You may not know how
long it will take to get there, or have every dot connected, but
sometimes when you remain open, believe that the universe will fill
those holes, travel with the energy flow and not against it, you will
get there!

Next time you start to think about your dreams for your life, if you
find yourself breaking them down before they have even happened, such
as making reasons for why certain things can’t or probably won’t
happen then stop yourself.  Tell yourself not believing in your dreams
coming true pretty much guarantees that undesirable fate, and instead
ask yourself what good does this thinking do?

Even for the most sceptical person, worst comes to worst and you allow
yourself to believe in your dreams coming true, you might just have
more fun along the way.

I’ll tell you this much, I believe in YOU!

Do you believe in you?



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