Texas Toddler Saves Mom’s Life By Using Cell Phone To Call For Help


In a remarkable story, a toddler from Texas saved her mother’s life by using a cell phone for the first time to call for help when she collapsed.

Two-year-old Lia Vega was with her mother, Larissa Taylor, at their Houston home on Thursday when Taylor suddenly collapsed next to her other daughter’s bed. The young mom, who is hypoglycemic and diabetic, had suffered a seizure brought on by low blood sugar and was not breathing.

The toddler found a nearby cell phone and managed to re-dial the last number called – which luckily was her grandmother’s.

“Mommy fall down to the floor of sissy’s bed,” Lia recalled telling her grandmother, KHOU11 reported.

“Her mom will call and let her talk to me a lot, but using the phone and calling me on her own, I was very surprised,” said Taylor’s mother, Bobbie Gonzalez.

Gonzalez raced over and Taylor was taken to the hospital. The family told reporters that the young mom would have died if she had stayed lying there for even 10 more minutes.

The little girl’s miraculous phone call made all the difference.

“I don’t know how my daughter knew to call my mom or anything. I never taught her how to use the phone,” Taylor told KHOU 11.

“She’s my superhero. Because she saved me,” the proud mom added.

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