Bloody Noses in Children


As a child, I frequently had bloody noses. Most of them came from allergies and dry climate. The dryness of the nose may cause the skin inside to break out a bleed. Dry noses bleed easily.

Sometimes a child can get a bloody nose from picking boogers and their finger nails scratched the inside their nose. It isn’t uncommon for a fall or hit to the nose to cause a nose to bleed. This article will mostly focus’ on the simple nose bleed first aid at home or on the go.

If your child should have nose bleed, stay relaxed as possible so you can think clearly on what you need to do. Your child may be upset but your anxiety will make them more panicky. If you can keep your child calm it will be easier to complete first aid.

Simple Steps to Stop a Nose Bleed

1. Comfort the little one and assure them you will make it better. As you are comforting, have your child sit up and still on the seat or on your lap with their head slightly tilted forwarded. Do not lean them back because the little one may choke on their own blood then cough and throw up. Plus they might get more upset with the bad taste of their own blood.

2. With some tissue or a rag, hold the soft part of their nose like you would if you were going swimming. Hold the nostrils closed for at least 10 minutes. If you let go too soon, the bleeding may resume.  Do not have your child blow their nose because it could make the problem worse.

3. If the bleeding has stopped, have the child remain calm. Maybe you could put on the their favorite TV show that will keep them calm and entertained until you are sure the bleeding will not return. Rough play and energetic play should be postponed in order to keep their blood pressure lower and thus pumping blood so hard through the veins.

4. If your child has nose bleeds frequently and are difficult to stop, it could be a symptom of something more serious a doctor may have to treat.

Other Causes

If kids are sticking their fingers up their nose then they might be sometimes they will put things up their nose and it might be stuck. This too may why the nose has been bleeding. If the candy or bead or whatever the item might be, will more than likely need to be removed by the doctor. If you try you might push the thing back deeper.

Some medications may have a side effect that may cause easy bleeding like aspirin does. Talk your doctor as soon as possible or seek medical assistance immediately if the bleeding persists. And if the child is becoming pale and dizzy seek medical help immediately. This could be a sign of something more serious.

Parents, you know your child the best and you are capable of making good decisions for their well being. If you suspect your child’s nose has been broken then take them to the emergency room for an examination. Trust your best parental instincts and decide if the nose bleed is something you can care for on the spot or medical help is needed.



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