DWTS Monday


blog post photoMorning! It’s DWTS Monday.  I woke up extra early so I could spend the morning with my little ones, even know they were wrapped around me most of the night, and I hardly slept.  As tough as it is sharing my bed with three, sometimes four, people, I never tire from the midnight cuddles.  I’m drinking my coffee while they watch Dora, feeding the dogs, feeding the cats, making lunches, preparing breakfast, and editing the final chapter of my book.  Just another normal day in my house, but there are two kids less, because Neriah and Sierra are at their Dad’s.  It’s such a different dynamic with only two kids in the house, and one less school to drive too.


This morning after I finished reading the final Word Doc for “The Naked Mom,” I took a huge breath and felt an incredible sense of accomplishment.  This isn’t a premature plug for my book, I actually need and deserve to celebrate this moment! Eventhough I am still many months away from actually seeing my book in print and believing that it will in fact one day become a real tangible paperback, today I felt a sense of relief because it is FINALLY done!  I have spent the last year pouring my heart and soul, my thoughts, fears, motherly challenges, tips, confessions and even frustrations into a body of work to share with the world.  On some days I think I must be crazy to reveal so much and share it all, but on other days I feel the power of community healing, and I know how much I have learned from other respected women, so I willingly share my own voice.  Last week I had that terrible mommy morning, felt like shit the entire day, and I blogged all about it.  Things are better now, thanks to a family meeting, grounding 2 kids, and being accountable for my mistakes.  But, a big part of my healing came from the ModernMom community  That afternoon I spent some time reading all your comments and feedback.  Thank you so much, it was very helpful and much of it was just plain comforting.  It still amazes me how much better a mother can feel just knowing that there are other mothers out there going through the same stuff.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you!


I gotta go, still need to feed the dragon, give my pups their medicine, pack my studio bag and get the kids off to school before I go to work.  I hope you watch Dancing With The Stars tonight! It’s story night and should be very entertaining.  I wonder if Bruno will be in rare form again? Who’s gonna be in the dog house? And if we will finally see The Situations abs? Isn’t it time??? See you there!



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