Another Edition of…”What Do I Do With This?”

We all have items we either throw away without even thinking of the possibilities we could be overlooking, or we have items we are holding onto figuring some day we can do something with it.

Do you have any of these:

Dental Floss – Use to resew ripped stitching in sneakers

Broken Umbrellas – Use the fabric to repair snowsuits & nylon jackets

Bread Tabs – Make ties that allow balloons to be reused.  Slit a tab, put the twisted end of an inflated balloon in the slit, wrap it around the tab once and put the end in the slit again.

Old t-shirts – Use to make superhero capes.  Slit up the front leaving the back intact.  Depending on the desired effect, the child can put his arms through the sleeves or not.  Or save them for old rags in your garage.

Ironing Board Covers  Make pothholders and oven mitts from any unscorched parts.

An old tape cassette holder – Use as a windshield scraper.  Take apart and insert fingers in the clear pocket part for good grip.

Milk Jugs – Make a disposable dish for a dog who chews dishes. 

Styrofoam Cups – Use to make party favor hats.  Place cups upside down on a cookie sheet.  Place in a warm oven until the edges curl up and outward.  Decorate with ribbon or anything else that is fun. 

Flat soda – Use to make gelatin.  Combine 2 cups with 1 packet or tablespoon of gelatin granules. 




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