Obesity Clinics for Children

Childhood obesity sets the stage for adult health issues including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and specific cancers. Obesity is diagnosed when a child’s weight is far above what is acceptable for his height. Obese children often suffer from anxiety and depression. Finding an appropriate childhood obesity clinic can help your child regain his self-esteem and lose the weight, thereby putting him on the road to a lifetime of better health.

Stanford University Pediatric Weight Clinic

The Stanford University Pediatric Weight Clinic uses an outpatient approach to help young, obese clients not only take the weight off but to help them develop healthy lifelong food choices. The key objectives of the program are to help children and teenagers achieve weight control, an improved quality of life and better health.

Clinicians include psychologists and medical doctors who work closely with the obese child’s family to put together an effective and achievable weight loss program. The center provides family counseling as well as group therapy. Clients undergo a complete medical evaluation, which is used as the foundation for the treatment plan.

Stanford University Pediatric Weight Clinic

1174 Castro Street, Suite 250

Mountain View, CA 94040


Fax: 650-694-0610

Optimal Weight for Life

The Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) program is conducted at the Children’s Hospital Boston. The program treats obese children and focuses on obese children who also have diabetes. The program works with 500 new clients annually, and its team includes medical personnel, mental health experts and dietitians. In addition to working with clients, the center works to educate the public on the dangers of childhood obesity and the importance of prevention.

Optimal Weight for Life (OWL)

Children’s Hospital Boston

300 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA 02115


Children’s Memorial Hospital

Based in Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital program for obese children partners with community liaisons to promote overall better health in children. Through its Center of Obesity Management and Prevention (COMP), clients are encouraged to attend seminars and other educational programs aimed at teaching them lifelong healthy eating. Clients are educated about the importance of exercise. In addition to treating the eating issues, clients are also screened for medical conditions that can occur in obesity, such as fatty liver, sleep apnea and asthma, which can all be weight-related, according to COMP.

Children’s Memorial Hospital

2300 Children’s Plaza

Chicago, IL 60614-3363





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