Is This Photo Too Racy For Yearbook?


A high school senior from Colorado whose photo was rejected as too racy for her yearbook appeared on the “Today Show” with her mom to protest what they call a censorship issue.

18-year-old Sydney Spies made headlines when her school’s yearbook editors refused to publish the photo that the aspiring model submitted for her senior picture.

Taken by a professional photographer, the image features Spies posing provocatively in a short skirt and revealing top.

Students at Durango High School, where Spies attends, are allowed to submit their own photos and often choose ones that reflect their interests. A committee of five students are then responsible for approving the photos. In Spies’ case, they decided that the photo was inappropriate.

“We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional,” yearbook editor Brian Jaramillo was quoted as saying in the Durango Herald.

The committee also rejected the second photo she submitted, which shows her in a short strapless dress up against a brick wall.

Spies and her mom, Miki Spies, insist that Sydney should have the freedom to express herself.

“I honestly think (the picture) describes who I am,” Sydney told Matt Lauer. “I’m an outgoing person and I really do think it’s artistic.”

The Spies family are even considering legal action against the school, telling local media that they plan to meet with a civil lawyer to review the case.

What do you think? Are Sydney’s photos too revealing for a high school yearbook?

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