New Study Finds Women Are Better At Parking, So Booyah!


Has your husband ever complained about your driving? Well guess what… women are actually better at parking than men, according to a recent study.

Over the course of a month, the U.K. parking operator NCP surveyed 2,5000 of its customers and ranked them on various aspects of parking. Criteria included appropriate parking speed, technique, accuracy and time taken to park a vehicle.

Out of a maximum score of 20, women had an average parking coefficient of 13.4, more than a point ahead of men who came in at 12.3.

There were some other interesting results:

- Women took an average of five seconds longer to finish parking, and also had to re-position their cars more frequently than men.

- Men love to “pose park” when driving a female passenger – trying to squeeze into a small spot when another bigger space is available.

- Women were quicker to find a spot, due to the fact that men often missed available spaces by driving too quickly.

But there is one area where females fell far short of their male counterparts – confidence in their own abilities.

“Women fared better in many areas of the scoring,” the report said. But “only one fifth (18%) thought they were better parkers than men and less than a third (28%) of women believed they were better parkers than their partners.”



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