What Do You Think About a “Pregnant Rights” Movement?


Do you think that pregnant women should have legal rights based on their condition?

According to Dina Bakst, the founder and president of A Better Balance: The Work and Family Legal Center , the answer is a resounding yes.

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, Bakst argued in favor of affording pregnant women with rights that protect them from being fired for being pregnant, for needing to take extra bathroom breaks or for refraining from certain physical work because of the pregnancy.

“. . . Thousands of pregnant women are pushed out of jobs that they are perfectly capable of performing – either put on unpaid leave or simply fired – when they request an accommodation to help maintain a healthy pregnancy,” she wrote.

“Without [a new public health law], pregnant women are reluctant to ask for the accommodations they need for their own health and for the health of their unborn children.”

She noted that 75 percent of women now entering the work force will become pregnant. “For many women, a choice between working under unhealthy conditions and not working is no choice at all.”

What do you think? Should pregnant women have legal protection?

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