The Pirate Fairy


Peter Pan’s beloved sidekick Tinker Bell is back and ready to lead her group of fairy friends on an exciting adventure!

On a mission to retrieve the blue pixie dust that holds their mystical powers from the dust-keeper Zarina, the fairies are forced to venture to the pirate ship belonging to the pirates of Skull Rock.

Tinker Bell and her friends are put to the test when Zarina causes their powers to switch around, making it super difficult for each fairy to use their individual talents to get back the blue pixie dust.

Racing against time, they must put aside their differences and partner up in order to recover the pixie dust before it’s too late!

The message of this movie is about teamwork, friendship and being grateful for your own skills and abilities. The fairies have to think on their feet (er, wings) and work together in order to save the day!

The Pirate Fairy is available online from Amazon.



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