DIY Spray Painted Mason Jars


I’m coloring mason jars ….. again! Ok, so this is my third official blog post on DIY colored mason jars and this time I’m using spray paint : )

If you’re a mason jar junkie like myself you will love this one as much as all my other posts.

Aren’t these beautiful!? Beautious as my daughter Lily would say. I particularly love the gold one. And the white one … and the blue one … Oh I just LOVE them all.

Ok, so unlike my other coloring posts this one is easy.


  • Mason jar
  • Newspaper
  • Spray paint



Take your regular mason jar or marinara jar, or pickle jar, or whatever you have that’s clear and clean and wipe it dry and stand it up on a newspaper with no lid.

Now get your favorite high-quality spray paint. I like Krylon. It doesn’t chip easily and it gives a nice even coat. I use gloss or satin. My gold mason jar was made with a gold leaf color. Now spray the heck out of your jar (the outside of your jar).

Let dry for 10 minutes and viola ~ you have a beautiful colored mason jar perfect for flowers, kitchen utensils, or anything else your little heart desires!




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