Is Your Child Sending Valentine’s Day Threats?


Tis the season for construction paper, and if you have a child in elementary school, you’ve probably received at least one homemade Valentine.

My parents have boxes on top of boxes of my early artistic efforts, from macaroni mosaics and glitter-choked pinecones to crayon “drawings” that seem more like an attempt to cover any available surface with my name. (I’d happily toss it all but my father keeps insisting I’ll want it some day. I guess in case I ever forget my name?)

Anyway, like most kids, I stuck to cliches: “Roses are red, violets are blue…” It’s all pretty standard stuff. Not like this very special Valentine’s Day card that one little angel made for her parents:

Source: Imgur

Because who doesn’t love a vaguely threatening love note?



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