10 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog for National Dog Week


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Who can you count on to always be there for you? Who gets unbelievably excited to see you when you get home (even if you just forgot your phone and run back in the house after having left 2 minutes before)? Who listens to all your problems without interrupting? It’s your dog. Your dog is not only your best friend, but a very important member of your family.

September 21-27 is National Dog Week so it’s time to celebrate and show your love to your four-legged BFFs. We expanded on the 10 things that make dogs happy (according to the 2015 Beneful National Dog Week Survey*) to provide you with the following activities to celebrate your favorite four legged family member this week!

1) You bake a cake for your kids, so your dog deserves no less. Get your dog one of her favorite treats. It’s her special day, so indulge her a little! But remember, everything in moderation – make sure that no more than 10% of her daily calories come from treats, and that the treats you do feed her are made of healthy, wholesome ingredients.

2) Take your dog for a long walk to a new spot. Get creative and go on a hike or a walk on the beach. Some place with new smells and new dogs to meet.

3) Buy your pup a new bone, the good kind. Something they can really sink their teeth into to.

4) Dogs love riding in the car, so take your furry friend with you to pick up the kids at school. Plop your pup in the front seat and roll down the window; your dog will enjoy the cool breeze.

5) We all know everyone exercises better with a buddy, so grab your doggy BFF and go for a run (or slow jog).

dogplayingfetch6) Put down your electronics and give your dog five minutes of quality time playing fetch. Get the kids involved. Your dog will appreciate the undivided attention.

7) Take your pooch to a dog park. Dogs need play dates too. You drive your kids all over town, so why not take your dog for an afternoon of doggy fun.

8) Have a movie night where your dog gets a prime seat on the couch snuggling up next to you. Yes, you can invite the rest of your family also. Movie starting a dog preferred but not required.

9) Get a soft brush and groom your dog. No flea combs or rough brushes. This is just for pure doggy pleasure (and to scratch those hard to reach places). Your dog would purr if he could.

10) Make sure you give your best buddy a delicious and nutritious dinner. Dogs love the taste of Beneful and you can feel good that it’s made with the high-quality, healthy ingredients. You can even download a $3-off digital coupon for a 13+ lb bag of Beneful dry food here to celebrate National Dog Week with your doggy BFF.

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*The 2015 Beneful National Dog Week Survey presents the findings of an online survey conducted September 10-13, 2015 among a sample of 426 U.S. adult dog owners, comprising 193 men and 232 women 18 years of age and older. Had this been a probability sample, the margin of error for a sample of this size is ± 7% at a 95% level of confidence.





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