10 Toughest Headlines From 2013


Many wonderful, bizarre, and awful things made international
news in 2013. 

My kids, avid consumers of pop radio, ESPN and internet
news, heard them all. 

I’ve got to say, the media today sure makes it hard to raise
kids, especially teenagers.  Many of the
year’s events were nearly impossible to decode productively for my children,
ages 16, 15 and 11.  In a contest between
me and the media, I always feel like the loser.

Here are my top ten hardest headlines:

That Trayvon Martin died because he was black, a teenager, liked wearing a
hoodie, had the misfortune to live in Florida, and craved Skittles.

9. Why George Zimmerman did not go to jail for killing
Trayvon Martin.

Why Breaking Bad is a great television show; why they cannot watch Breaking

7. That despite what Kanye West proclaims, Kim
Kardashian and Kanye West are not more influential than President Obama and
First Lady Michelle Obama.

6. That even in faraway Montana, a teacher cannot rape a
14-year-old girl and blame it on her; why even an esteemed judge can be wrong
when it comes to something as blatant as rape of a teenager by an adult.

5. Why a 14-year-old rape victim would kill herself

4. Why 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick killed herself; why her
Florida classmates would bully her and taunt her into killing herself.

3. That grown men such as Richie Incognito and Aaron
Hernandez, who are also uber-rich, talented, professional football players, can
be just as idiotic, self-destructive and dangerous as Rebecca Sedwick’s
adolescent peers.

2. That Miley Cyrus almost became Time Magazine’s Person of
the Year

1.That children living under my roof cannot have a Facebook
page until their 15th birthday.

Although #1 was not exactly international news, my Facebook
restriction was the most discussed topic in our house.

I promise you, my parents never faced these kinds of topics
when I was a teenager. The bad news is that “news” like this at times
baffles me into a parenting coma.  The
good news is that I keep trying to explain my views to my kids, and that
sometimes, they agree with me.  (Although
never about the Facebook page.)

What are your top ten most dumbfounding stories of 2013?  How did you explain them to your kids?



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