Let Go of Stress


When life gets hectic. When you feel overwhelmed. Your to do list is driving you mad! Remember to schedule in 30 minutes just for you. If your children are young, do it when they are napping or when they go to bed. Prioritize self-care over chores.

During your 30 minutes remember a time when things felt easy, when life was traveling at a joyous pace. Let that feeling of ease overcome you. That is your inner happiness, your place of peace. It is important to reconnect with that feeling and let your stress go. Remove the tight grip you have on everything and allow your stress to be released out of your body.

When we let stress build it is harmful to our mind, body, and spirit. If you’re not careful and mindful stress can take away the joy of living. The inner feeling of peace and happiness is always there. It is a part of you. You just need time to connect with it. For me, the time to connect with my inner peace comes every day during my meditation practice. How you connect with your inner happiness is not nearly as important as you do!

You need time, not a lot, but a few minutes each day to allow yourself to feel your inner joy. To remember what is truly important to you in life. Stress is not what is important, so pay attention to how much energy you are allowing it to take up.


Let go of stress and connect with the happiness and ease that lies within you.



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