TSA Pats Down Toddler in Wheelchair [VIDEO]


A YouTube video of a TSA agent patting down a frightened toddler in a wheelchair has sparked criticism and outrage.

The three-year-old, who was in a cast and wheelchair, was on his way to a Disney vacation with his parents, two siblings and two grandparents. He was stopped by TSA agents and patted down and swabbed while he appears visibly confused, nervous and trying to get out of his chair.

His family was not allowed to physically console or come near him during the process. Despite the agent’s attempts to keep him calm, the boy appears to be holding back tears while asking for his mom.

The footage, taken by his father Matt DuBiel in 2010, has received over 80,000 hits since it was uploaded two days ago.

Here’s what Dad told MSNBC about the situation,

“That’s the TSA and that is my son. And he is wearing a body cast. The TSA agent did the best he could with a ridiculous situation, but someone should have stepped in and said, ‘That’s enough.”

Watch the video below:

What would you do if you had to stand by and watch airport security search your child?

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