German Names for Baby Girls

If Germany holds a piece of your heart, consider reflecting your love of this land by selecting a German name for your new baby. An assortment of baby girl names are clearly representative of Germany and meaning laden, allowing parents to show their love of all things German and reflect a deeper meaning through careful name choice.


If you, like most parents, think that your child is something special, consider Adela as it is derived from a German word meaning “noble.” If you select this name, you can also take advantage of the many nicknames associated with the moniker, including Ady and Dela.


The name Gerta has been a popular German name for years. This name denotes strength, as it translates to “strength of a spear.” Selecting this name is wise if you hope your daughter is more of a powerful woman than a shy and quiet lady.


The name Berta comes from a German word meaning “famous,” making it a perfect choice for your little star. If you pick this name, you might enjoy using the nicknames Bert or Berty when referring to your tiny tot. This name is also a playful choice if you or your husband happen to have a name with a “bert” in it, such as Alberta or Herbert.


Mena is a name with German roots that has achieved some popularity within the United States. This name translates to “knowledgeable,” making it a wise choice if you value intellectual ability above other characteristics.


When most people think of German names, the moniker Heidi immediately pops to mind. This name has long been a popular German choice and is widely recognized as being of Germanic origin due to the classic book by Johanna Spyri. It comes from a German word meaning “noble one,” representing the fact that your child is superior and special.


The name Erika was originally a German name and has since found popularity in the United States, mainly with the alternate Erica spelling. This name means “eternal ruler,” making it representative of your child’s strength and power. You may want to give this name particular consideration if your spouse bears the name Eric, as this choice could clearly tie the new infant to him.


Give your little princess a name with a German origin by selecting Vevika. This name was derived from a German word meaning “little woman,” making it a great choice for a particularly petite little angel. This name is also a clever choice if you hold love for the classic Louisa May Alcott novel “Little Women.”


The lilting name Odilia is a popular German choice. This name, and the alternate spelling, Odilea, come from a German word meaning “wealth.” Odilia is also the name of a lesser-known Catholic saint, allowing you to give your daughter a name with religious connotation that is a bit less common.



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