“Too Fat to Fly” Woman Sues Southwest Airlines


A New Orleans woman who says a Southwest employee told her she was “too fat to fly” is suing the airline for discriminatory action towards obese people.

But Kenlie Tiggeman isn’t suing for money, she’s suing for information. She wants an industry standard to be put in place for flyers who have to buy a second seat, and she wants the airline to give a better definition of these rules at the point of purchase.

Last May, Tiggeman was traveling with her mother when a gate agent toward her she would not be allowed to fly due to her weight.

“The gate agent came up to me and he asked me how much I weighed, what size clothes I wore,” she told Nightline. “He said that I was too fat to fly, that I would need an additional seat, and he was really sort of crass about the whole thing.”

“The [employee’s] words were, ‘Well, look at you. Obviously you need two seats,’” she wrote on her blog. Tiggeman, who has lost over 100 pounds in the past three years, said she weighed between 240 and 300 pounds at the time of the incident.

“We need to know what the rules are,” she told WDSU-TV. “We need to know if we need one seat or two, because this eyeballing happening at the gate is incredibly discriminatory, and it’s so unnecessary.”

Check out Tiggeman’s interview with ABC below:

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