Sexist Study Says Women Today are Fat Because They do Less Housework


A group of so-called experts (probably men) in the U.K. have released a new study suggesting that women had better figures in the 1950s… because they did more housework.

Researchers surveyed 8,000 men and women on their waist sizes, calorie intake and lifestyle and then compared those results with the average statistics for adults in 1952.

Sixty years ago, the average woman’s waistline measured 28 inches. Today, it comes in at 34 inches – a full six inches larger.

What do they consider to be the main culprit in the increase? Housewives in generations past would burn up to 1,000 calories a day doing chores, and modern appliances that make housework easier.  

The study found that in 1965, women not employed outside the home spent an average of 25.7 hours a week on housework (excluding childcare), and their counterparts in 2010 spent an average of only 13.3 hours

“If you think back to the 1950s most women would not even have had a washing machine,” Doctor Ros Altmann, lead researcher, told the Daily Mail.

“They wouldn’t have had duvets so the simple task of making a bed would have demanded far more physical activity. Women would have burned a significant number of calories just keeping the house going.”

So there you have it. Apparently women shouldn’t bother with silly things like joining a gym or taking a yoga class…  we just need to get to work cleaning the house and baking some pies. 



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