JWoww: Morning Sickness Is Like “Feeling Hungover Every Day”


Jenni “JWoww” Farley had her share of hangovers
during her stint on MTV’s “The Jersey Shore,” but now she’s feeling
sick for a different reason.

The reality TV star is expecting her first child with fiancé
Roger Mathews and has been experiencing a bad case of morning sickness.

“I was put on [anti-nausea medication] Zofran because I
lost nine pounds in three weeks,” she told E! News. “I have been
feeling hungover every day or I’m hugging the toilet.”

The 27-year-old has also given up her gluten and dairy-free
diet because “the only thing that settles my stomach is cereal and Greek

JWoww, who announced her pregnancy with an ultrasound picture on Christmas Day,  says that she and Mathews are waiting to pick
names until they find out the sex of the baby.

But she’s sure to get some help from her BFF – Nicole
“Snooki” Polizzi” – who welcomed her own little bundle of joy in

“Finally we can be MOMS together,” Snooki tweeted.

Did you experience bad morning sickness during your
pregnancy? Do you have any tips or tricks for reducing the nausea?


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