How to Do Toning Exercises During Pregnancy

Stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy by performing toning exercises. Working your arm and leg muscles will build your strength and prepare you for caring for your baby, from carrying him in your arms to chasing him as he grows into a toddler. Exercise will have positive effects during your pregnancy as well. You may feel less tired and are less likely to experience constipation, back pain or trouble with your joints. As with any exercise program, consult your doctor before starting, even if you were a regular athlete prior to your pregnancy.

Warm-Up Stretches

Step 1

Stretch your muscles at the beginning of your workout to reduce your risk of injury. Face a wall and press your hands to it for support. Bring one leg forward and bend the knee. Move the other leg back slightly, so that it is at a diagonal. Lean forward, supporting yourself on the wall and hold for a few seconds. You should feel a stretch in your calf on the back leg. Switch legs and repeat.

Step 2

Stand with both feet together. Lift your arms up over your head, breathing in as you do. Exhale as you lower your arms against your body. Repeat three times.

Step 3

Stretch your triceps and shoulders by lifting your right arm into the air and bending the elbow so that your forearm falls behind your head, between your shoulder blades. Grasp the elbow with your left hand and pull gently. Hold for a few seconds, then switch sides.

Toning Exercises

Step 1

Hold one weight in each hand, and place your arms at your sides. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, and keep your knees soft but straight.

Step 2

Bend from the elbow, raising your forearms and weights up. Stop when the weights are near your shoulders. Lower your arms to the starting position. Repeat 10 times. This exercise will tone your biceps.

Step 3

Sit on a chair and hold one weight in one hand. Lift the arm with the weight up and behind your head, bending your elbow. The weight should be just past the back of your head.

Step 4

Use your weight-free hand to support your elbow, and then slowly unbend your elbow and lift the weight straight up into the air. Slow bend the elbow again, lowering the weight. Repeat 10 times, then switch arms. This exercise works your triceps.

Step 5

Tone your legs by doing squats. Stand against a wall with your feet shoulder-distance apart. Bend your knees, lowering your body toward the ground. Lean on the wall to keep your back straight. Hold for a few second, and then slide back up. Repeat 10 times.



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