How to Get Rid of Baby Dandruff

Even babies can get dandruff, which causes the skin on the scalp to flake off. When your baby has dandruff, his scalp may feel a bit itchy, too. Your baby may also have a condition known as cradle cap, a type of seborrheic dermatitis, that can cause dandruff as well as crusty patches on the scalp. Although you can easily treat dandruff or cradle cap at home, you may want to take your baby to the doctor if you notice flakes to confirm that he has one or the other.

Step 1

Brush your baby’s scalp and hair gently with a hairbrush. Do this while the hair is dry and before you wash it.

Step 2

Shampoo your baby’s hair and scalp with a gentle baby shampoo to get rid of the flakes. Wash his hair every day. Make sure you rinse the shampoo out thoroughly, as shampoo buildup can leave flakes that resemble dandruff.

Step 3

Use an anti-dandruff shampoo to wash your baby’s hair twice a week if the baby shampoo is ineffective. Check with your doctor first so that you use a shampoo that’s safe for babies.

Step 4

Rub a drop or two of baby oil into your baby’s scalp if he has cradle cap. You may also try using almond oil. Let the oil sit on your baby’s scalp for no more than 15 minutes, then shampoo his hair.



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