Bikini Waxing for Pre-Teens?


For most people, the teenage years are the most awkward ones.

Children are hitting puberty earlier than ever before, with all the bells and whistles of hormonal changes – including body hair. And kids can be mean, especially about hair.

There’s nothing worse for a tween girl than hearing on a playground that she has a mustache or gorilla arms.

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Dealing with this topic isn’t easy for parents; do you stave off maturity as long as possible and let your girl deal with the name-calling, or help her out, while watching her grow up faster than you had expected?

Uni K Wax Center opts for the latter. For the month of July, they are offering a 50% off deal toward the first waxing for any girl aged 15 or younger. And as would be expected, the Internet is abuzz with controversy over the promo. 

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While this Jezebel article very heartily argues that the tween years are much too young to begin the never-ending hair removal process, most of the comments side with the waxing salon on the issue, citing the meanness of young children and the supporting the child’s right to choose when to wax.

On the salon’s blog, titled Clothing Optional, Noemi Grupenmager, the founder of Uni K Wax Centers, argues:

“One of the things as parents we are particularly concerned with is that our kids are comfortable and confident. 

As young girls develop, some earlier than others, they might be the first to have hair on their legs, or perhaps their upper lip.  

Unfortunately, as many women can attest to, young girls can be mean.  Boys can also be cruel.  The prevention of bullying in schools has taken center stage and waxing can be used to help.”

Okay, it sounds a little silly to talk about waxing as a bully prevention technique, but could Grupenmager have a point? Is a girl who waxes her body to prevent herself from being picked on any less strong and independent than a girl who remains au-natural and suffers the name-calling in silence?

It’s a tricky subject, so let us know what you think! At what age would you let your daughter shave, wax or undergo some other hair removal technique?



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