An Exercise in Healing


Close your eyes. Picture in your mind the birds flying overhead, the grass swaying in the wind. Hear the sound of water, smell the fresh air. Feel the energy from nature.

Picture all of the energy that is creating this picturesque scene combining into a big ball of light, floating towards you. Imagine the ball of light entering your body and moving to the source of your pain.

Allow the light to stay in the area of pain penetrating it with love. All the love of nature that created the light is healing you. Smile as the light soothes you. This is divine energy.

Allow nature’s divine energy to heal you, from pain in your neck, to pain in your back, or emotional pain in your heart. The light that you need to heal already exists. Access it by imagining nature’s expansive love directly in your body. You and nature are connected. You are created together. You are light.

Ask for more light when you need it.


Feel your inner ability to heal *~*



With Love



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