School Zone’s Little Scholar Learning Tablet


With so much technology in our world today, I often find that my kids know how to work iPhones and iPads much better than I do!

While it’s tempting to give them my phone to play with as a distraction for a little bit so I can relax
for 5 minutes, I’ve noticed they tend to play mindless games that certainly aren’t doing anything for their brain development. 

Luckily, School Zone has come out with the Little Scholar Learning Tablet. It’s a great way to get little ones who love video games to play learning games instead! 

Instead of worrying about what your kid is playing, rest easy as each app focuses on subjects such as geography, spelling, reading and math. The tablet has innovative software and it’s pre-loaded with over 150 apps, videos, songs and e-books… and even an original educational video series – “Charlie & Company.”

With this tablet, you can give your child a fun
way for them to spend their time learning and immersing themselves in
educational subjects, while satisfying their desire to play with a mobile device.

School Zone’s Little Scholar Learning Tablet is available for $199.99 at



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