The Davenport Hotel and Tower- Spokane WA


Some of the most cherished time in my life is when I get one on one time with my best friend, my husband. Last weekend, my Hubby and I went on a date to the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington. It was a beautiful sunny day, and when we arrived at the hotel we had only intended on checking it out. The beauty and atmosphere of the hotel captured us, and we decided to stay and enjoy a late lunch/early dinner.

In pristine condition, with the finest details the hotel was like no other I have visited. It had a very warm and inviting presence. As good fortune would have it, we arrived at the perfect time to enjoy an Early Bird Special at the Fireside Lobby.

For only $15 you can enjoy a 3-course meal from 3-6pm! We cozied up at a table close to the fire and placed our orders.

My husband chose the Caesar Salad, Braised Short Ribs, and Davenport Sunday.
And I selected the Garden Salad, Coconut Prawns, and Davenport Sunday.

The food was delicious and in perfect amount, with portions that were not overly big or small. We walked away feeling full and blissful, but not overly stuffed. Most importantly it felt as if we had discovered a hidden treasure and were excited to one day return again.

After our superb meal we decided to stay a bit longer. We checked out the Peacock Room Lounge, which was also stunning, then ventured upstairs to explore the hotel further.

Upstairs we came across a few glorious old photos of the hotel from 1915 and 1916. It was astonishing how well preserved the hotel is. I thought for sure it had been updated, but in fact it appears that much of the hotel is still in its original marvellous condition. After seeing the photos, the brilliant energy of the place made sense. Years upon years of celebrations and memories lingered in the air.

The photograph of Maypole dancing in the lobby of the hotel particularly caught our attention. Isn’t glorious seeing all the souls, most of whom have passed, gathering in celebration?! In fact, our hidden treasure has been a place of gathering for many generations before us. You cannot fabricate an ambience like that!

Did you know my husband is a retired Maypole dancer from the 1986 Expo in Vancouver, BC? I bet ya he is excited about me telling everyone that! :-) What are wives for, right?! If only I had a picture to go with it.

Making new memories, discovering new places, and enjoying time spent together is what life is all about. Much happiness was created in that day. Happiness that will be felt for a long time to come!

Have a beautiful day, my friends! Happy Easter!

Have you discovered any new cheerful places recently?




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