Getting Back Into The Dating World, One Step At A Time

Everyone is settled into the routine of school and activities and so am I!  So when I was asked out on a date…I felt like it was time for me to do something for myself.  I would love to have the time to try on-line dating, but for now am happy to meet someone at the kids open house who knows I have six kids and is still willing to go out!  As the time got closer for me to start getting ready I started to get nervous.  I am comfortable in my life with my children.  The thought of opening my heart and letting someone in is really scary.  As I started to get ready, the power went out, I cut my leg shaving, and because it was so dark in the shower I grabbed the conditioner to wash my hair with instead of the shampoo.  Two hours later, still no power and I did my make-up by flashlight.  The girls helped me pick out an outfit.  Why do they make skinny jeans for moms that go below our belly buttons???  Really??  Everytime I tried to sit down I felt like I was showing half of my backside and everytime I stood up I felt like every extra inch of my waistline was being squeezed out of the top of the jeans!  I gave in and decided to not be hip and wear my comfortable mommy jeans.  The date was fun and I enjoyed being out.  I confess I was worried that maybe the loss of power and mishaps were a sign that I wasn’t ready to date…but it just made it more memorable.  Will there be a second date…we will see.  But it is fun to know that I can get back out there! 



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