NFL Cheerleader Shaves Head to Support Coach


An Indianapolis Colts cheerleader shaved her head in front of a sold out stadium of Colts fans during half-time of Sunday’s game in support of head coach Chuck Pagano, who is battling cancer.

Megan M. (last name withheld as standard team policy) was the only one to accept the challenge sent out by Blue, the team’s mascot, via Twitter earlier this month.

She agreed to go bald if Blue could raise $10,000 for leukemia research – and he more than met the challenge. With the help of #OperationShaveMegansHead, the team’s mascot raised $22,670 for leukemia research.

When it came to uphold her side bargain, Megan said goodbye to her hair with a smile. Another cheerleader, Crystal Ann, was inspired by her example and joined in as well.

(Megan getting her head shaved during Sunday’s game)

Why did she agree to take part? Megan spoke to Good Morning America on Monday and explained her passion for helping those with cancer.

“I’ve had family members and mentors with cancer and I volunteer at a local children’s hospital and met little girls who lost their hair, and saw bravery that they possess and it was just something that I wanted to do to help reach others.”

It’s hard to imagine shaving your head for the coach of a football team… but after hearing Megan on GMA, it’s obvious that this story is much more than that.

Just think of all the little girls in hospitals around the country that look at these beautiful cheerleaders on TV- and now see one that is just as beautiful as them.

Remember, hair is a big deal for NFL cheerleaders. I was recently at a football game with my friend, and we were saying how we could never pull off that hair tossing they do while dancing. They make it look so easy their hair whipping back and forth while dancing. Our hair would be smacking us in the face.

Looking good, ladies!

Megan  told GMA her coach tried to call a lot of dances without a lot of hair whipping around to make her feel comfortable after she shaved her head to help get her used to it. Coach Pagano also sent a text to the cheerleader thanking her for her support.

Best of all, the hair will be donated to Locks of Love and used for hair pieces for children that lost their hair from cancer. Three cheers for Megan and Crystal!



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