New Mom Names Her Baby Girl “Hashtag”


It looks like celebrities aren’t the only ones who pick “creative” names for their new arrivals (we’re looking at you, Jason Lee).

A couple is rumored to have named their new baby girl Hashtag in a nod to the Twittersphere. And boy, does it have people buzzing!

While the story has yet to be officially confirmed, it went viral after shared a Facebook post reportedly from the baby’s mother.

It’s a photo of the sleeping infant with the caption “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite. She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!”

 (Could it be a typo?)

It’s not the first time a baby has been named after a social media network. In 2011, an Egyptian father named his daughter “Facebook” to honor the site’s role in Egypt’s revolution.

But it’s still a little far out. 

“Hashtag will likely grow up to be a happy, healthy, beautiful adult woman, but we can’t help but think she’s going to face a great deal of scrutiny and teasing on the grade-school playgrounds,” says Chase Hoffberger at The Daily Dot.

What’s her nickname going to be? Hashie? Tag?

But perhaps the most important question – if these parents love Twitter so much, why did they post the announcement on Facebook??



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