Health Care for ALL!


If you are connected with me on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen a video I shared of Dr. Oz on OWN talking about the health care crisis. He believes that health care is a human right, and I couldn’t agree more!

If you saw me in person and brought up the subject of health care I could go on and on and on…

Actually I have before, but have since realized not everyone feels so passionately about health care that they want to have an hour conversation with me about it. Fortunately, my husband and I love to discuss it so the 2 of us can go on and on and get our fill.

One of the problems Dr. Oz discussed was not that most people don’t fundamentally feel we should have health care for all, but how do we afford it? Health care needs to start in the home. If we all take care of ourselves, and respect food as medicine the health care costs wouldn’t be so high, and maybe as a country we could afford to take care of each other.

I want every single person in this beautiful country of ours to have the health care they need, and the peace of mind never to worry about affording it if a problem does arise. If as a whole we want health care for all we need to have each other’s backs. We need to encourage and support one another to take care of our bodies and eat well. We need to motivate each other. We are in this together!

If your child gets sick I want them to receive all the health care they need, and for you not to worry about the cost. And if my child gets sick I want the same. Let’s start making real change towards a better tomorrow. Let’s motivate one another to take care of our overall well-being and be responsible for setting an example.

I want the best for you and your beautiful family, and mine too! Our well-being and energy impacts one another. Let’s be responsible for the health of our country. Let’s ask for healthier recipes, on TV, the internet, and magazines. If as a whole we demand education, ideas, and recipes geared towards healthy living we will get what we want- to be healthy, to be able to afford health care for all!

Will you join me? Ask for health for you and for me, for your children and for mine. Let’s be conscious of where our energy goes and start supporting healthy living.


Let’s change our nation!

Watch: Dr. Oz’s Stance on Healthcare



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