Pregnant Woman Fired for Too Many Bathroom Breaks


Can you imagine being fired for taking too many trips to the bathroom – when you were pregnant?

It sounds crazy but for one  woman in Kansas City, that scenario was a harsh reality.

Expectant mom April Roller was given the boot from her job at a call center for taking too many bathroom breaks. Now she’s suing her former employer – National Processing of America – for unlawful termination.

Here are some of the issues she brought up in her complaint:

Roller says the company “accommodated” her morning sickness by offering her a bigger wastebasket so she could vomit at her desk instead of losing time by running to the bathroom.

She also said National Processing delayed her family leave paperwork and reprimanded her for wearing the special shoes she needed because of swollen feet.

And the kicker…

“Defendant’s manager told plaintiff that defendant did not ‘pay [her] to pee,’ objecting to plaintiff’s necessity to use the bathroom when plaintiff experienced nausea or dizziness due to her pregnancy conditions.”


We’ve written before about whether this country needs a “pregnancy rights movement,” and this case serves as a great argument for why mothers and moms-to-be need legal protection.

What do you think? Were you ever given a hard time at work because of your pregnancy?



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