Dozens of Deadly Snakes Found in Daycare Center


In something straight out of a horror movie, a daycare center in Australia was forced to temporarily shut down due to an infestation of deadly snakes.

And by infestation, we are not talking “one or two” snakes. No, no. Snake catchers found dozens – DOZENS – of pythons.

“Louise DeBomford, director of the Mitchell Street Childcare Center in Darwin, told the Northern Territory News the first snake was spotted Wednesday morning. By Thursday, there were seven and she decided it was time to call for help.”

When professionals removed the wall panels they discovered a 10-foot female python, 23 baby snakes and  41 broken eggshells, “suggesting there may be more newborns lurking somewhere.”

Perhaps even more terrifying – this isn’t the first time the daycare has had slithery issues.

“I thought there would have to be more than one because we had an inundation of snakes last year, about the same time,” DeBomford said.

Like the great Indiana Jones, I suffer from ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) and so I am not joking when I say this scenario is my nightmare. Seriously, I actually think I have had this exact nightmare. 

What would you do if your child’s daycare was overrun by snakes?



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