This is a Real Thing: Wrangler Launches Moisturizing Jeans


Were you worried that your backside might be parched?

Stressed that your boring old regular pants aren’t providing the hydration your behind so badly needs?

Well, then today is your lucky day.

According to British Vogue, Wrangler is releasing the first ever line of moisturizing jeans.

Yes. This is a real thing.

The Denim Spa jeans line is pumped full high-performance skincare ingredients that will protect your lower half from the drying effects of denim.

Starting January 28, the jeans will be available on in three finishes – Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs, which aims to prevent cellulite.

The effects of the ingredients last up to 15 days, but a reload spray (of course, of course there is a reload spray) will also available for purchase – meaning that the formula lasts between 67 and 95 wears.

“After a day wearing them, my legs feel great – they come out feeling more silky than usual,” said spokesmodel Lizzie Jagger in a film to promote the style.

“They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans.”

Oh yes, Lizzie. They are MUCH cooler than regular jeans. In fact, I would hazard a bet that these pants could knock the “Pajama Jeans” brand right off its golden pedestal as the absolute coolest jeans ever.

(For the truly lazy, pajamas that look like jeans!)

And to think, all this time people have been worried about camouflaging butt sweat, when really they should have been embracing the moisture in their pants!



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