Mother Forces Screaming Toddler to get Tattoo


It’s hard enough to watch your little one get a shot at the doctor’s office… could you ever imagine that a mother would hold her toddler down and force him to get a tattoo?

In a horrifying video that surfaced on YouTube, a woman is shown restraining her young son at a tattoo parlor.

The boy, believed to be about three years old, cries in pain and tries to break free throughout the procedure.

At one point the woman can be heard saying “look, look” in Spanish while her son continues to scream desperately.

Several news outlets have reported that the incident took place in Havana, Cuba, although neither the mother nor the child have been identified.

Around the world, readers have reacted with shock and outrage to the  footage.

“How could anyone do this to any child let alone their own? She should be jailed for child abuse,” wrote one commenter.

“I had tears in my eyes watching that as I have a 3 year old son too and would NEVER NEVER ever be able to put my son under any pain like that,” wrote another.

You can watch the video below (warning – it may be disturbing for many viewers):



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