What Are You Doing to Save Money?

The economy isn’t fantastic right now, we all know that. As moms, and more so as single moms, we make decisions that will affect our families financially…hopefully for the better!

Just over a year ago I made a decision that was going to help me financially, and it ended up benefiting my son and I in more ways than one. I moved into a home with another single parent and his daughter. Me, my son, my roommate and his daughter. 6 months later my then boyfriend (now fiance) moved in as our relationship got more serious and his apartment lease was up. It made sense. And last month my roommates long term (formally long distance) girlfriend moved in with us as well. To recap it is myself, my son, my fiance, my roommate, his daughter, and now his girlfriend. A modern day Brady Bunch!

Obviously the financial benefits of our situation are attractive. Instead of footing all of the bills on your own 100%, you are split them multiple ways. There are also benefits that I didn’t consider at the time we made the decision to move in together. My roommate and I created a community, a family-like environment for our children that they didn’t previously have in our homes. That is priceless.

I didn’t realize how unusual this was until recently. I think many of us single parents are making decisions that are unusual, but have outstanding benefits for us and our children. What are you doing in this economy that may be different, but is beneficial?



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