Saggy Skin After Pregnancy

Though you may love your little bundle of joy, you’re certainly not too happy about the little bundle she left around your middle. The skin must stretch during pregnancy to accommodate a growing baby, but your skin isn’t always quick to rebound. Getting rid of the saggy skin of your post-baby belly can prove to be difficult.

Where It Hangs

Most women will experience saggy skin in the lower abdomen. The skin may hang over the pubic region, leading some to call it a “mommy apron.” However, if you gained more than the recommended amount of weight, you may have added fat to your thighs and arms, in addition to your stomach, and you may see saggy skin there. You may also see saggy skin around your breasts, especially after you finish breastfeeding.

Factors that Affect Skin

The prevalence of this saggy skin is based on your skin’s elasticity. The more elastic your skin, the more quickly you can bounce back to your old body. This shows up in age. Older women are more likely to experience persistent saggy skin than younger.

Home Remedies

Doing abdominal exercises can tone your middle, but it won’t necessarily get rid of the saggy skin. To do this, you need to work on improving your skin’s elasticity. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Use a moisturizing lotion on the areas that have saggy skin at least twice a day. Certain lotions are specially formulated for saggy skin. They work in some cases.

Mommy Makeover

Home remedies don’t work for everyone. In these cases, plastic surgery may be the only option if you want to get rid of the saggy skin. A tummy tuck will remove your saggy skin and a breast lift can help the saggy skin around your breasts. Other processes, like liposuction or a butt lift, can help counter the effects of pregnancy. Many plastic surgeons offer a “mommy makeover” package deal that combines these procedures. Plastic surgery can be an expensive option, and your insurance is not likely to cover it.

Coming to Terms

If your saggy skin isn’t going away through lifestyle changes, and you don’t have the money or desire for plastic surgery, you may simply have to come to terms with it. Take comfort in the fact that most mommies do have saggy skin. You just can’t see it because it’s under their clothes. Your body went through an enormous amount of work to produce the child you are now holding in your arms. You deserve to give yourself a break when it comes to criticizing your body.



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