Fun Birthday Date Ideas


Birthdays are great excuses for doing something a little different and a little crazy. A birthday is an excuse to pamper and spoil the birthday boy or girl, no matter how old they are. As adults, brainstorming fun birthday date ideas can include vacation plans, childish dreams come true or a day of pampering. When planning a surprise birthday date idea, be really sure that the activity or surprise is something the birthday boy or girl will find fun. There’s nothing worse than a surprise that falls flat because the other person just wasn’t that into the “fun” to be had.

Comedy Club

Get reservations at the local comedy club. Check out the guest list–from time to time, big names still hit local comedy clubs in the big city to keep in touch with the pulse of their original audiences. Stand-up comedy is one of the hardest forms of comedy. When not sure about the comedian listed, call the club and ask about her. Run the name through Google and see what you can learn about her. Most comedy clubs serve appetizers and drinks (meals tend to be really expensive, so plan to eat afterward). Don’t reveal it’s a birthday date to anyone, unless the birthday boy or girl in question doesn’t mind being embarrassed. In general, a comedy club date is a lot of fun to just go and laugh and laugh and laugh.


Nothing says laughter and good old-fashioned fun like singing off-key in front of a bunch of strangers. Karaoke is not for everyone, but for people who can cut loose and laugh at themselves, karaoke offers the right blend of good humor and potential romance. Spice it up by singing a song just for the birthday boy. By having a good time with it, they will too, and it’s a great way to sing, laugh and make merry on a birthday.


Bowling anyone? Seriously! Bowling is vastly underrated in many ways, but it’s a great way to have fun, talk and compete. Besides, who doesn’t look silly throwing a ball down the alley? Bowling mixes some old-fashioned traditional fun with a birthday date. Bowling alleys often serve alcohol, but not hard liquor. They also serve standard fair food, so if going the whole traditional route, get hamburgers, french fries, a soda (or malt!) and play a few frames. Want to make a birthday to remember? Add a jazzy bowling ball to the gift list.

Luxury Hotel Overnight or Weekend

For some couples, a fun birthday date idea is to just get away from it all. Make arrangements with friends or family to look after the little ones either overnight or for two nights, and book a stay at a luxury hotel in town. While the hotel might be a little pricey, it’s local, which saves on traveling and lets the couple get away from it all. Get the right hotel with massage therapists that come to the room, hot tubs and room service and the birthday boy can be pampered all weekend with his spouse. Now that’s fun to remember.

Do it Disney-Style

Disney’s always got great promotions, but currently they are offering free admission to their parks on a person’s birthday. If a vacation is already in the cards, why not celebrate a birthday with the whole family at Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California? The great part of a Disney birthday is the little badge the birthday boy and girl gets to wear all day, and the Disney cast members take notice of those birthday badges and go out of their way to make it a special day for that person. Remember, whether planning to go on vacation, getting away from it all in town or just kicking up the heels for a night of love and laughter in the city, the best birthday date ideas are the ones that bring a smile to the face 10 years later.



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