Teen Fakes Kidnapping Rather Than Tell His Parents About Bad Grade


Some kids stuff their report cards in the trash, some pretend they got lost… but can you imagine a teenager faking his own kidnapping to avoid telling his parents about a bad grade??

A 19-year-old student at Georgia Gwinnett College was apparently so afraid to tell his parents that he was failing English that he tried to make it seem like he was kidnapped.

According to Newser, Aftab Aslam bought a cell phone at Target and sent an anonymous text message to his parents pretending to be his kidnappers.

The parents reported him missing and the police and the FBI were brought in to investigate. Eight days later, he turned up at his home unharmed, originally claiming that he had been drugged and held prisoner.

But eventually he retracted his story and admitted that he had just camped out in a tent in a less-developed part of town.  Aslam turned himself in and is now facing charges for three felony counts – false statements, tampering with evidence, and terroristic threats.

Yikes. I bet he really wishes he had just fessed up to the bad grade and gotten grounded instead.

While this kid obviously needs to be held accountable for his mistake, it’s hard not to feel bad for him.

Did you ever do something stupid and reckless when you were a teenager, to avoid getting in trouble with your parents?



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