Sexy Decoration Ideas for a Romantic Evening


While it is true that sexy is a state of mind, there are still a few things you can do to turn up the heat at home. While planning a romantic evening, be sure to get the baby’s toys out of the way so that nothing interrupts the mood. It is also a good idea to turn off the cell phone, answering machine volume and computer, because telecommunication technology has no place on a romantic date.


Nothing alters the mood more quickly than a shift in lighting. Try pillar candles in assorted dishes placed around the room. Small tea lights look beautiful suspended in a bowl of water. Leave off the overhead lights in favor of small corner table lamps. You can even invest in special light bulbs that set skin in a soft, romantic light.


First and foremost, clean and freshen the living room upholstery. Nothing kills a romantic evening more than the vague scent of your child’s spilled sippy cup. Plump up couch and armchair cushions. Then, toss a bright, embroidered throw over the couch or add some sparkly decorative pillows that will catch and reflect candlelight.


If your sexy evening includes a visit to the bedroom, try jazzing up the boudoir with a bright set of linens. It need not be leopard spots or zebra stripes. Think sexy beach house with Caribbean blues and greens, or romantic Victorian with vintage florals.


While that row of family photographs or handprint paintings can make a lovely conversation piece, it can also add unnecessary clutter. Keep the look sexy and sophisticated by clearing surfaces of clutter. Place interesting objects, such as sea glass or an antique mirror, in its place.



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