Advice for Women on Business Attire


You’ve graduated from college and are ready to land you’re first big job, but you have that age old dilemma. What to wear? Women already know they face an uphill battle when it comes to being taken seriously in the workplace. So follow a few set rules on attire if you want to be taken seriously and succeed in the business world.

Be Conservative

Conservative is the word when it comes to business. Avoid flashy colors and flamboyant outfits and leave the ruffles for the little girls. Stick with blazers or suits in blues, browns, greens and black to be seen as a professional.

Cover Your Assets

For the Beach, not the Office

Hide the skin! This means cover your cleavage and midriff, skip the camisoles (unless covered by a blazer) and sleeveless look and keep your skirts at a reasonable length. If you wear slacks, make sure they hang neatly as opposed to being skin tight.

Proper Grooming

Minimize your makeup to appear businesslike. There’s no need for extra eyelashes, vivid shadow or scarlet lipstick in the office, and if you have nails, consider a French manicure as opposed to long, bright “attention-getters.” Draw attention to your abilities, not your beauty.

Accessorize Simply

Easy on the jewelry and other accessories is the rule of thumb. Limit yourself to one pair of smaller earrings and a single chain or string of beads; wear a watch instead of an armful of bangles. Match your handbag to your short heeled shoes, or better yet carry a sleek briefcase.



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