Who Buys the Baby Shower Hostess Gifts?


Blankets. Onesies. Diapers. Bottles. Rattles. Baby showers are a time to celebrate a new baby. Planning a shower not only involves sending invitations and providing snacks, but the hostesses generally give the mother-to-be a nice baby gift as well. As a thank-you for giving the shower, it is a thoughtful gesture for the mommy to give her hostesses a gift. There are a variety of ideas for what to give.

Giving a Hostess Gift

Giving a gift to the people who plan a baby shower is a polite way of thanking them. Since the shower is to honor the expectant mother—or couple—the guest of honor is the one who should give a gift to each of the hostesses.

Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the hostesses could include candles, flowers, books, wine, chocolates or jewelry. These gifts don’t have to be the same; you can give a box of stationery to one hostess who loves to write letters and a gardening book to a hostess who loves flowers. Homemade gifts—such as crafts or baked goods—add a special personalized touch.

Non-gift thank-yous

A gift isn’t the only way to say “thank you” to the hostesses. The mother-to-be can invite all of them over for a lunch or tea. If this can’t be done before the baby’s birth, the mother can arrange to have the father, grandparent or aunt watch the baby while she hosts her guests. This will give her some free time while keeping her near in case the baby needs her.


A thank-you gift to hostesses can be as small or large as you like; there is no expected price range and it does not have to be expensive or a grand gesture.

Necessary or Nice

Giving the hostesses a thank-you gift is not necessary; it is a nice way of acknowledging the time, effort and money that was expended on behalf of the new mother. If giving a thank-you gift feels awkward or old-fashioned, a hand-written thank-you note is the simplest way to thank them for hosting the baby shower.



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