Different Types of Bracelets

Bracelets are a great, versatile fashion accessory that can range from elegant and classic to contemporary and chic. There are several types of bracelets, and knowing a bit about these can make it easier to shop for an addition to your jewelry wardrobe. When looking for a bracelet, consider style and comfort. A chunky loose bracelet may not be appropriate if you work with your hands; a delicate one may be a poor choice for a busy mom with young children.

Bangle and Cuff Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are solid circular bracelets that slip over the hand. They fit loosely on the wrist and can be narrow or chunky. Very thin bangles may be worn in large groupings, but wider ones should be limited to just a few. Materials are typically fairly sturdy and can include precious and less expensive metals, natural materials and even plastic. Cuff bracelets are typically wider than a standard bangle and fit snugly to the wrist, fastening with buttons, snaps or a clasp. These can be made of metal or a more flexible material like cloth or leather.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are a classic accessory, suitable for casual and more formal wear. A tennis bracelet is typically made of precious stones and metals. This is an investment piece when it comes to jewelry because of the high cost of the diamonds or other stones. The tennis bracelet is thin and flexible and quite comfortable to wear. Look for one with sturdy construction and a secure clasp, as well as good quality stones.

Charm Bracelets

There are two types of charm bracelets. The first is a chain bracelet to which a variety of playful, traditional or sentimental charms are attached. These were once commonly given to young girls; however, women of all ages now wear them. Italian charm bracelets are a linked bracelet. Italian charms are small glass rectangles that can be inserted into the bracelet. Unlike the whimsy of a traditional charm bracelet, Italian charm bracelets are flat, practical and easy to wear every day. Charms can reflect your family, travels or personal interests.

Beaded Bracelets

One of the most common types of bracelets is a simple and comfortable beaded bracelet. These may have a clasp or be stretchy and can be made of glass, crystal or semi-precious beads. The simplest of these bracelets is just a strand of beads with a clasp; however, they can be elaborately beaded or even woven of small seed beads.



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