Ways to Reduce Wrinkles


You can’t stop aging, but you can fight it. Besides wearing sunscreen (a must) and staying hydrated, there are four more ways you can reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looking young and smooth. Why should you look older than you feel?

Apply Vitamin A

A recent study cited by ScientificBlogging.com finds that the regular application of lotion containing Vitamin A (retinol) improves the fine wrinkles and lines caused by aging. And since aging starts as soon as you stop growing, it’s never too early to apply Vitamin A. Look for a lotion with at least 0.4 percent retinol.

Facial Smoothies

Obviously Botox is a solution for reducing wrinkles but not all of us want to get injections in our face. Enter Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Removal Strips. These transparent adhesives leave your skin looking smoother because they stop the cause – facial expressions. When you wear them at night, they immobilize your skin and smooth away wrinkles. Safe and cost-effective.

Sleep on Your Back

It may seem too simple, but sleeping on your back can help reduce wrinkles in your face. MedicineNet.com reports that sleeping on your side or your belly can cause lines to form on your forehead and cheeks, which can then become permanent wrinkles.

Eat Antiwrinkle Food

Certain foods can help your skin fight aging, plump your skin and reduce wrinkles, reports MedicineNet.com. You want to find foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, flax seed) and foods that contain lots of Vitamin C (citrus). The fatty acids provide nourishment the skin needs to stay plumped and smooth. A study reported by WebMD.com found that regular consumption of Vitamin C may help reduce the appearance of aging.



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