How to Look Slimmer


Pregnancy. Illness. Busy schedules. Holidays. Whatever the reason, we all put on weight every now and then. Losing that excess weight might take a while, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide in a potato sack–or in your bedroom–until you are down to your ideal weight. In fact, receiving compliments on flattering clothes can motivate you to stay on your weight-loss regimen. While there are a number of suggestions for looking slimmer, they are not a one-size-fits-all. Experiment with these tips to see what works for you. Ask trusted friends and family members for their opinions on what makes you look slimmer.

Stand up Straight

Work on your posture. Stand erect, with shoulders down, chest lifted, abdomen held in and up and bottom tucked under. It may sound challenging, but after a few days, it will feel natural. Besides helping you look slimmer, it lengthens the body and will help you feel better.

Start with the Foundation

Wear good foundation garments. A properly fitted bra provides proper support and contours for your breasts. Panties that are not too tight or too loose present a good line without bulges and a lightweight camisole hides tummy rolls. Wear control-top pantyhose to help keep lines smooth.

Find Clothes that Fit

Choose clothes that fit you without being bulky or too tight. Instead of hiding excess weight, loose, bulky clothes make you look larger. Slacks with comfortable legs and cuffs are better than tight pants or leggings. A wide waistband flattens the stomach. Wear blouses untucked and hitting right below your waist. Select flat-front skirts and pants; pleats accentuate weight around the stomach. Simple, elegant lines slenderize while ruffles and frills accentuate weight.

Choose the Right Fabric

Select medium-weight fabrics that are not metallic or shiny; shiny material accentuates bulk. One color all over slenderizes; if you are wearing two colors, put the darker color on the bottom. Avoid large prints or patterns; a medium print with a dark background is visually slimming. Vertical and diagonal stripes are visually slimming and add the appearance of height.

Elongate Legs

Wear pantyhose that match the color of your hem and wear shoes that have a medium heel with an average pointed toe. Shoes that show more of your foot add to the illusion of longer legs.


Choose accessories–like a scarf, necklace or earrings–that draw the eye upward to your face. Select medium-sized accessories and purses; bulky purses visually add weight, while small accessories can disappear.

Hair & Makeup

Wear hairstyles and makeup that flatter you. Cut your hair to frame your face. Long or heavy hair styles add weight. Hair cut about chin length and feathered simply forward is flattering to your face and accents your cheekbones and eyes. Keep your makeup light in soft, neutral colors. The goal is to have people think, "What a pretty face."



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