How to Make Breasts Perkier With Exercises


Boost your silhouette naturally with regular exercise and movements targeting the chest area. Because the breasts are made of adipose tissue, lobules, ducts and fat, you cannot actually target them directly since the breasts themselves have no muscles. However, by focusing on general fitness to maintain weight and targeting the muscles below the breasts, you can have a livelier figure and profile, without surgery or some miracle-promising cream or undergarment.

Step 1

Get back to basics with a regular session of push ups. Use a mat or a towel on place the body flat on the floor. Kneel down and walk hands forward. Place the palms of the hands on the floor, below your shoulders, and with straight arms. Extend the legs and tuck toes under. Lower the body down to the floor without touching and push yourself up again. Modify the push up by kneeling, if you are a beginner. Either type of push up will firm up the muscles of the chest and the arms.

Step 2

Incorporate yoga poses into your exercise routine. Practicing weekly yoga poses will keep muscles toned and skin from sagging where it shouldn’t. From the push up pose, while elevated, shift the weight to one arm and twist the body to balance on one arm and your feet. Hold and release. Repeat on the other side. Practice an upward plank to firm up muscles under the breasts. the upward plank looks like a backwards push up, where you face the ceiling not the floor. Palms face down, towards the feet and kneel down. Lift the body. Straighten one leg then the other and hold.

Step 3

Improve the stamina of your chest muscles with a simple exercise. Practice the prayer lift, a basic pectoral toning exercise that works on strength and stamina. Place elbows together in front of the chest. Press hands together in a prayer position. Slowly lift the arms with a slow movement. The range of motion is not far, but you will feel the pull in your chest muscles. Lower back down and repeat.

Step 4

Work out using basic gym equipment to firm up the bustline. Try the dumbbell fly, while lying on a thin weight bench or other narrow bench, or use an exercise ball. Place a one or two pound weight in each hand. Bend elbows slightly and extend arms out in a cross position. Lift both arms simultaneously, bringing the weights to meet each other above you. Slowly lower the weights to the starting position and repeat.

Step 5

Engage in cardiovascular exercise to lose fat, which can make breasts look bigger but not as firm as they could be. Exercising will help you lose weight all over, including the breasts, as there is no way to lose fat only in the breasts. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight. Avoid rapid weight gain or loss and make gradual changes to a diet. Rapid weight loss can cause breasts to look saggy, not firm.



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