How to Increase Sexual Desire During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you have a lot of changes going on in your body. From physical changes to hormonal changes, it can be easy for you to put sex on the back burner. Many women don’t feel like moving, much less having sex. But sex is an important and healthy part of your relationship and it can make you feel guilty to leave your partner out in the cold. Below, you’ll learn some important tips for how to increase sexual desire during pregnancy.

Step 1

Change your mindset about sex during pregnancy. Many women find it difficult to become aroused or desire sex during pregnancy because they aren’t sure what is acceptable. Sex is perfectly safe and that the baby is very well-protected. Your baby will not be harmed by sex, so it’s okay to have sex the way you would normally.

Step 2

If you’re afraid that your partner finds you unattractive, discuss this with him. Let him know how you’re feeling and take steps to make yourself feel more comfortable. Leave the lights off if you feel self-conscious or use a blanket to cover yourself. Just alleviating your fears may make it easier for you to desire sex more often during pregnancy.

Step 3

Try longer foreplay before intercourse. It’s very difficult to get “in the mood” when it feels like you’re just trying to get it over with. Rather than rushing through so you can get to sleep, take things slowly with your partner.

Step 4

Take turns giving each other full body massages with warm oil or enjoy a long, erotic bath before sex. When you allow yourself to go very slowly and get into the mood, it makes it easier for you to become more aroused and enjoy sex more. This will help increase your sexual desire and you will have a much better time being intimate with your partner.

Step 5

Spice up the bedroom. Many times, it can be difficult for a woman to desire sex during pregnancy if it becomes too routine. In cases like this, there are many different things you can do to spice up the bedroom. For instance, rather than having intercourse, pleasure each other in different ways. Or, purchase toys that you will both enjoy trying out.

Step 6

Move out of the bedroom for sex. Try having sex in the shower (make sure you’re safe and won’t slip!) or having sex in the kitchen! You’d be surprised how exciting it can be when you have sex in some place other than the “designated” area.

Step 7

Make sure you’re well-rested. Pregnancy can really take a lot out of you at times. In order to increase the desire, make sure you’re well-rested and not too tired. Take a nap during the day or have sex in the morning when you wake up, if possible.

Step 8

Build the excitement throughout the day. Exchange naughty text messages or e-mails with your partner. Or if you’re both at home, give him sexy looks and whisper things to him that you know he wants to hear. He will get the hint and do the same thing, building up the excitement of sex later in the evening.



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