Could “The Baby Bachelor” Be Reality TV’s Next Big Hit?


First came The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette, and now… The Baby Bachelor!

Meet Wesley. He’s handsome, good at sharing his toys and emotionally available, but struggles in the romance department. In fact, the toddler has been single for the past three years.

But all that’s about to change, thanks to his Uncle Jimmy. In this hilarious new spook, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel sets out to help his young nephew find love among the stroller set.

Here are the contestants:

Gabrielle – 29 months, self-described unicorn enthusiast.
Eva – 38 months, finger painter.
Tesla – 30 months, duck duck gooser.
Jesse – 35 months, stay-at-home daughter.
Avi – 27 months, princess.
Franki – 26 months, hip-hop dancer.
Khloe – 33 months, accountant.
Stella – 27 months.
Ashley – 316 months, dental hygienist.

On Episode 1, we met the girls and learned that some might not be there for the right reasons. Jessie, a stay-at-home daughter, admitted that she was “looking for a sugar daddy.”  

However, others thought they felt an immediate connection. “It was love at first sight,” said Gabrielle after meeting Wesley.

And of course, there was some early drama. Party girl Franki showed up at the pool in a tiny bikini and performed some pretty hot dance moves. “What is she wearing?” complained one of the girls. “She’s just showing off,” said another.

So who will get the final toy dinosaur? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out!



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