How to Wear an Anniversary Ring


How a woman wears an anniversary ring will depend on her personal taste and the style of her other rings. The anniversary ring is usually given for a significant anniversary year, such as five, 10 or 25, although it is becoming more common to give it for any anniversary. Some husbands match the anniversary ring to the original wedding band and engagement ring. Other women may not have a wedding band, or the engagement and wedding set may be old. The diamonds in outdated rings may be updated and placed in a new setting with two side stones to make up the anniversary ring.

Step 1

Wear the wedding ring closest to your heart, on the bottom of the ring stack. This is a romantic way to wear the wedding ring: topped by the engagement ring, with the anniversary band on the top.

Step 2

Restack the rings in a different order if the anniversary ring does not look or fit right on the top. The style of the rings and the number of stones in each will affect how the rings look when stacked.

Step 3

Remove the engagement ring or wedding band if either are outdated and you want to update your wedding set. Couples who have been married for decades or who were married young may have old rings that have seen better days. An engagement ring or wedding band that is removed should be cleaned and fixed at the jewelers and saved as a keepsake.

Step 4

Switch the engagement ring or the wedding band to the ring finger on the right hand if the rings do not fit well with the anniversary band. Either of these first two rings may also be removed and passed down to the next generation, as part of a new or continuing family tradition.

Step 5

Try the anniversary ring on the ring finger of the right hand if you are attached to wearing your engagement and wedding band set on your left ring finger. Consider the right hand for the anniversary band if it is more elaborate or has bigger stones than the wedding ring.

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