How to Help Your Child Become a Model


Child modeling is a legitimate field with few opportunities. In order to become a model, a child will need to be represented by a legitimate modeling agency. Modeling agencies in turn book modeling jobs for the child, taking a percentage of the money paid to them by the hiring organization. Children who are truly photogenic, not just cute might have modeling potential. Truly exceptional children will be picked up and represented by real modeling agencies, if they have a need for you child’s look. If the modeling does not pan out, help find another interest for your child to pursue.

Step 1

Request fee schedules from a variety of professional photographers who have experience with photographing children and with creating professional head shots. The head shots will be used to create composite cards, which is a photo with the child’s information on the back of the sheet.

Step 2

Consider using a professional hair stylist to have your child’s hair trimmed or restyled to bring out his best facial features. Work with a make up artist to create a natural look, with finishing powder and lip gloss, not lipstick.

Step 3

Book an appointment with the local photographer and the hair and make up stylist. Bring a variety of outfits in different colors, including some with plain white or solid color tops. Poses should include smiles, serious looks, shots of her laughing and some candid shots.

Step 4

Have composite cards created out of the best head shots which come out of the photo shoot. The composite card should include the child’s name, age, height, weight, hair and eye color, clothing and shoe sizes, special talents and features. Add your contact information including a mailing address, phone number and email address to the card.

Step 5

Mail the composite card to modeling agencies with children’s divisions. Research the list of legitimate modeling agencies as recommended by American Baby Magazine.


  • Be weary of talent scouts who offer to send a child to a casting and then try to hard sell you a training package costing thousands of dollars.
  • Do not be overly determined to turn your child into a model if she does not have model features.
  • Never give a potential agent money, a legitimate agent is supposed to help your child earn money.
  • Do not sign any contract to pay for modeling lessons or modeling schools.
  • Prepare your child for rejection, and find other ways to build her self-esteem.
  • Children cannot be taught to be models.

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